Style tribes for little humans

What style tribe does your mini-me belong to? With more fashion choice available for kids, giving your little one a grooved-up style is just too tempting. Let us introduce you to five style tribes, each with wardrobe essentials and accessory know-how, to build your child’s perfect look.

Scandi simplistic (pictured above)

Taking inspiration from Denmark’s uber-minimalist style and homage to natural materials and colour, this kiddo will look comfortable and well put together at the same time.

Get the look:

Colours: Use natural materials like cotton, linen, wool, and merino Fabrics: Keep colours neutral. If you use brights, add just one splash, and make sure it’s slightly off-tone (think mustard, teal, ochre, orange, inky navy, and smoke). Grey marle works well too. Clothes: Oversized shirts, A-line dresses, clothes that wrap, drop-crotch pants, onesies, drawstring pants, button up the back shirts, layered dresses, harem pants, cuff jeans, wide pants, and knitted jumpers. Accessories: Tights in winter can add subtle stripes and texture to the look. Oversized scarves and slouchy beanies are a must. Wooden beads, leather jewellery, and satchels. Shoes: Leather ankle boots, Birkenstocks, espadrilles, and sneakers for the feet. Ugg boots for winter. Hairstyles: Topknot buns, short bobs, plaits, and flower crowns for girls. Longer, soft layers for boys or boy buns.


The tribe where boho meets Little House on the Prairie or Narnia. You can swing toward whichever side suits you best, but the art of vintage is getting a thrown-together eclectic look that works.

Get the look:

Fabrics: Choose luxe fabrics like velvet, wool, silk, and satin, and mix them up with a bit of faux fur and toile. Colour: Use plenty of colour and patterns, but don’t go too big and bold with them – keep it toned-down, and let the fabric do a lot the work. Kids can be very tactile, so this will really appeal. Clothes: Dresses, dresses, dresses are wardrobe mainstay for girls which can be layered, frilly, drop-waisted, or buttoned. Boys look good in tweed, button-up shirts, corduroy, waistcoats, and braces. Warm jackets in corduroy, velvet, or wool for winter. Accessories: Full-bloom rose hair ties and brooches, floppy hats, and beads. Fedora hats for boys. Dark-rimmed spectacles and sunnies. Shoes: Little ankle boots are a must. Ballet slippers will go with most things, and for boys, try espadrilles and coloured sneakers. Buckles work for all. Hair: Tousled curls, shaggy mops, and vintage pixie for girls, and for boys, try short sides, comb-over, edge cut, and slick back. style tribe


This is our gig down under: Surf, sea, bare feet, and beach hair. Kids love it!

Get the look:

Clothes and colour: Mix up plenty of bright beach colours, with a few surf label shirts. Keep warm with hoodies and layer baggy sweats in beautiful sea-glass hues of blue, green, washed-out tones, and tie-dye. Cutoff jeans with tanned little feet, denim shorts, sundresses, and harem pants. Shoes: Bare feet, jandals, sneakers, and sandals. Accessories: Amber beads and jade carved necklaces. Older kids can wear shell and bone carved necklaces, and coloured wrist braids. Throw in a bit turquoise and silver for the girls. Zinc all around. Haircuts: Long and layered, mini dreads, and plenty of sea spray. style tribe

Little miss glamour puss

A fave with the little girls (and glam mums), this is the chance to have a posh little mini-me by your side. Mix up glam pieces with casual pieces, to make casual look glam, and glam look more casual!

Get the look:

Fabrics: Jeans combined with luxury fabrics like velvet, silk, and faux fur. Luxe leggings with frilly dresses, little tailored jackets, berets, and waisted raincoats. Colours: Blacks, reds, and dark navy look great with crisp white. Mix with leopard prints and polka dots. Accessories: Plenty of bling, sunnies and, of course, a little handbag. Shoes: Patent leather, ballet slippers, little boots, and Mary Jane shoes. style tribe

Street style rocker

This style is more of a Dad-led look and, without a doubt, the most effortlessly cool looking of the style tribes. This kid is destined for the creative world.

Get the look:

Fabrics: Cotton, sweatshirts, denim, and wool. Clothes: Skinny jeans, cargos, low-crotch pants, tapered shorts, long rocker tees, heavy knits, checked button-up shirts, hoodies, and singlets. Black bomber or leather jacket. Colours: Dark colours, camo, white, and off tones like olive and maroon. Stripes and printed tees. Shoes: Mini Doc Martens, Vans, Converse, and leather boots. Accessories: Slouchy beanies and caps. Hairstyles: Short sides, close cut, edge cut. and simple straight or ponytails for girls. style tribe
Images: sourced from Pinterest
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