Santa’s Elves Are Ready To Read Your Letters!

It’s nearing the Christmas season, and word on the street is that Santa’s elves are getting ready to receive mail for Santa and Mrs Claus. With a little help from NZ Post, here’s how your wee ones can get their lists off to Santa - after checking it twice of course!


Every year, NZ Post receives tens-of-thousands of letters from Kiwi kids, either by good old-fashioned snail mail or using the digital postcard maker on their website. The kids can create their own personalised postcard to send to Santa by drag-and-dropping cool Kiwi Christmas themed stickers, finishing off with a custom message for the man himself and letting him know their Christmas wishes. Finally, the kids have to choose whether they have been ‘naughty or nice’ this year – honesty is ALWAYS the best policy kids, Santa will know!


Santa will respond either by email or by post – it’s up to them (or Mum and Dad) to decide!

If you’re keen to take a more classic approach to sending off the Christmas list, letters can be posted to the following address:


Santa Claus

c/ Santa’s Workshop

North Pole 0001


No stamp is needed – just make sure the kids’ full name, address, and postcode is on the back of the envelope. They have until the 2nd of December to submit their digital postcards, and until the 7th of December to send off their letters to ensure a response from Santa.


According to the elves hanging around NZ Post, Santa is ready and waiting patiently, and is looking forward to a snow-covered mailbox filled with letters from Kiwi kids – time to start writing them!



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