Aromatherapy for babies

Even small babies can enjoy the therapeutic effects of essential oils.

Although great caution must be taken, as these oils are extremely concentrated and must be very diluted before use. For babies up to 2-years-old, a 1% dilution is recommended (5 drops essential oil to 2 Tbsp carrier oil). Make sure you are using only pure, natural essential oils, as fragrance oils or other synthetic oils have no healing properties.

It is not recommended to use essential oils on babies younger than 3-months-old. They are too strong in most instances to use at this stage. After 3 months of age, the most suitable oils to use on a daily basis are chamomile and lavender.

Other essential oils that are commonly accepted for use with older babies are:


Eucalyptus/Lemon eucalyptus






Sweet Orange

Tea Tree


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