Unicorn dreams

Make a little magic of your own with this glittery unicorn party, perfect for your little dreamer.

Vintage accents and hints of gold make this whimsical unicorn-themed party the perfect setting for letting little imaginations take flight. Best of all, it's entirely achievable with just a bit of creative thinking and a splash of gold paint!

Repurpose a vintage sideboard to use as a dessert table, and dress with a gold runner, gold pennant banner, and glittered unicorn silhouette for a glam backdrop to showcase bite-sized confections and finger foods. Recycled pallets add a rustic touch and provide a beautiful contrast to the delicate decor. For colours, gentle pink and soft mint are in keeping with the shabby-chic colour palette, and to get the gold accents, simply paint plastic unicorn figurines and other small decorations with gold paint – test pots come in very handy and are an inexpensive choice, although edible gold leaf is a safer option for the cake topper.

unicorn dreams unicorn dreams

Unicorns everywhere bring this imaginative theme to life! Get creative with glitter, test pots, and thrift-shop vintage tableware.

unicorn dreams unicorn dreams

Add a glimmer of gold wherever you can: The table runner, cupcake wrappers, and even sprinkle glitter here and there among the plates.

unicorn dreams

For food, stick to the theme – use a unicorn-shaped biscuit cutter for shaped sandwiches and cookies, serve edible unicorn horns made from ice-cream cones dipped in chocolate and edible glitter, and make iced cupcakes topped with white-chocolate unicorn horns (you can even use store-bought seashell-shaped chocolates if you want to cheat!). Cake pops, shiny foil-wrapped chocolates, and even a jar of "unicorn droppings" will delight little guests.

Create unicorn horn headbands out of simple cones of rolled paper and ribbon, and send guests home with their own touch of "unicorn magic" – a tiny vial of gold glitter to sprinkle outside under the moonlight and tell unicorns they're welcome!


unicorn dreams


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