At home Magical Fairy Party in Auckland

Is there anything more magical than the idea of fairies twinkling around the garden, spreading their sparkly fairy dust and eating all that's pink and pretty, while playing games that glitter? We suspect most little kids would love the idea of  an at-home fairy party where  boring old home is transformed into a magical land. And it won't even take a master creator to make it happen!


Getting Crafty

You don’t have to be a creative genius to pull off these crafty decorations. All you need is oodles of glitter, and a can-do attitude. There’s always someone who’s tried it before and knows what works, so get pinning and gramming for some ideas!


Fairy Dust

We found mini glass jars with cork tops at Kmart (for only $2), and if you fill them up with glitter, they’re instantly a treat from Tinkerbell’s stash. If you want to create fairy lanterns, grab yourself a mason jar (or an old jam jar) and cover the inside with a light layer of PVA glue. Before the glue dries, fill the jar with glitter, put the lid on and give it a shake. The glitter will stick to the jar and create a pretty lantern! From here, you can fill the jar with fairy lights, or put a fairy toy inside.


Ribbon Wands

Create your ribbon wands with  wooden dowels from Bunnings, and a selection of multi-coloured or themed ribbons. Attach the ribbons to the wand with girth hitch knot ties. How to make this knot? Create a bunny-ear in the middle of the ribbon, place the bunny-ear behind the wand then feed the rest of the ribbon through the loop and pull tight.


Fairy Dust Dough


1 cup of flour

¼ cup of salt

½ cup of water

Drops of red food colouring

Heaps of glitter (add according to preference)


Mix a few drops of red food colouring with half a cup of warm water. Mix the flour and salt in a separate bowl, then slowly pour the water into the flour mixture, stirring at the same time. Stir to combine, then knead the dough until the flour is all soaked up (at the same time, knead the glitter into the dough). If you’re faced with a sticky mixture, sprinkle on some more flour until it is of a doughy consistency. Remember kids: this is not for eating, just for playing.


Fairy accessories

We also recommend raiding your local Kmart craft section, Look Sharp’s party décor, or your go-to Dollar shop for fake flowers. We love all the nifty party-fillers and pretties you can find (and they’re cheap as chips too!). You can jazz up a cheap paper lantern by sticking flowers and butterflies on, get cute blackboard clip labels to name all your tasty treats, or create a floral table setting. Repurpose old popsicle sticks into fairy palaces and doorways.


Food Glorious Food

Putting a little effort in gets the tastiest results. These treats both look pretty and taste pretty dang good too. We’ve added in a few healthy morsels, just don’t tell the kids…

  • Pixie Dust Popcorn: Cover popcorn in rainbow sprinkles, icing sugar, and M&Ms.
  • Fairy Bread Scrolls: Cut the crusts off the white bread, spread with butter and pile on the rainbow sprinkles. Then, roll up the bread like sushi, and wallah!
  • Butterfly Cakes: This cupcake has captured the imagination of kids for generations. Find the classic kiwi recipe here.
  • Fairy Wands: Mix up your favourite cookie recipe, then cut into a star shape. Place lollipop sticks into the raw cookie mixture, and cook the wands on baking paper. Cover in pink icing and decorate with sugar balls.
  • Pretzel Butterflies: Cut an inch of celery and fill the groove with cream cheese. Stick raisins on the front for eyes, and place two pretzels on the back like wings. If your kids aren’t raisin fans, you can use cranberries.
  • Watermelon Wands: Use a star cookie cutter to create star-shaped pieces of melon. Place the star at the top of a skewer, and fill the rest with grapes and berries.
  • Berry Baskets: Fill food containers with all kinds of berries and cherries for the little fairies. Decorate with ribbons and stickers.
  • Fairy Fizz: This fancy name for pink lemonade will have everyone under its spell. It only takes a simple combination of cranberry juice, lemonade, slices of lemon, and ice cubes.


Fairy Games

If duck, duck, goose (or fairy, fairy, troll) isn’t making the birthday cut anymore, we’ve found some exciting new games.

  • Freeze Fairy Tag: Have two different coloured wands – one for the bad fairy and one for the good fairy. The bad fairy freezes people to the spot like statues, while the good fairy unfreezes people. The good fairy must stop everyone from getting frozen, including herself! When the good fairy is tagged, she transforms into the bad fairy.
  • Magical Mushrooms: This variation on musical chairs only requires some decorative mushroom tops to place on the back of the chairs. You can cut a red circle and stick smaller white spots on top, or colour it in, so get DIY-ing.
  • Find the Fairy: Kids will love this version of sardines. The evil fairy (a.k.a. mum or dad) has hidden one fairy and all the other fairies must independently try to find her. Once a child has found the fairy, they hide with them, until everyone is hiding together – and they have all been found!
  • Become a Fairy Princess: Kids can paint their nails, paint or stick gems on their faces, do their hair and dress in their best dress (don’t forget the wings!). The best-dressed fairy wins a little prize.


Auckland fairy party providers

These whimsical organisations hire out fairies to come and make your kid’s party a dream come true, and in your own home too. Watch your child’s eyes fill with wonder when they meet their new friend from another world.

  • An Enchanted Party: These flower fairies tell enchanting stories of their home in Fairyland, have a crowning ceremony for their new queen (the birthday girl), give kids a sparkle pixie makeover, take flying lessons, and create a treasure hunt for everyone. Keep an eye out for the face painting and bubble machine package.


  • Party at Yours: Hire a fairy from Party at Yours, and she’ll initiate all party-goers into the fairy kingdom. These fairies bring along their magical fairy dust, bubble games, ribbon wands for dancing, their lovely spells to cast and all the little fairies who are invited to the fantasia party get to take home a magical wishing stone.


  • The Fairy Shop: Book this magnificent package for your next fairy party, including fairy furniture, a themed table setting, and catered fairy food. So sit back, relax and let the fairies do their thing – you’ll hardly recognise your own home!


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