Save Money! How these discounts are significantly helping parents

Save Money! How these discounts are significantly helping parents

Across the country it feels like everything has increased in price over the past year. Suddenly you’re spending an extra $30 to $40 a week on your groceries, petrol has gone up another couple of cents and not to mention house prices and rent!

If you’re finding it’s hard to afford any of those extra costs and you need to make your money go further, then you’re not alone. With Christmas and summer school holidays just around the corner, wouldn’t it be nice to have a bit extra in your pocket? 

We’ve all had months like it – you pay those important bills: groceries, power, phone, mortgage… and then something else pops up. Your WOF is due – and you need two new tyres! It’s a friend’s birthday and you need to find a gift, or maybe you’d just love a date night at the movies.

Whether it’s essential costs, unexpected emergencies or treats for the family, saving money basically comes down to spending less. If you can manage this without dramatically changing your current lifestyle, you’re more likely to stick with a plan to save.

Here’s how a group of parents who were keen to save money have managed to reduce their outgoings

Through their membership with Manchester Unity, they are eligible for significant discounts on useful everyday items and some luxury brands, and this is making all the difference. In fact it’s made a big difference.

Members of Manchester Unity pay a small amount annually ($96 a year – that’s less than a takeaway coffee per week) and download an App with discounts at popular retailers like Bunnings, Big Save Furniture, Repco, Beaurepaires… the list goes on. And, you can get $9 movie tickets!

Members also enjoy affordable family holidays with cheap holiday homes (think a two-bedroom house in Queenstown for $460 a week!), online games, education grants and much more!

Having access to these savings with the help of Manchester Unity, will definitely ease the sting of your spending.

Families are able to access special discounts for holiday homes and sports equipment. Kayaking anyone?

You’ll be impressed by how much members are actually saving

“For our bathroom renovation we purchased a shower tray from Bunnings, used my discount App and instead of paying $652 I paid only $394.50, saving $257.50!” ~ Anon

“We needed a new kettle. The sticker price was $150 but it was on sale for $75. Using our Manchester Unity discount card, we got it even cheaper at just $55!” ~ Brooke, Wellington

“We saved over $200 on a rental car at Thrifty Rentals in Dunedin by using the discount code. Thank you, Manchester Unity. So grateful for that!” ~ Susan, Wellington

“We are expecting our third child, so we need to purchase another kid’s bed. After looking at a few prices on one of the mattresses I realised we could get a discount through Manchester Unity if we purchased at Big Save Furniture. In the end we were able to buy the “fancy” mattress for the price of the mid-range one, saving $279. Whoop whoop!” ~ Rebecca, Taranaki

“We love skiing, but our teenagers keep growing out of their gear, which is so expensive. We managed to kit out our two 17-year-olds with two great quality ski jackets and one pair of ski pants for $324.85, saving an amazing $415.98. It was incredible.” ~ Maria, Auckland

If you’d love extra cash in your pocket and to be able to relax when the unexpected happens, sign-up and start saving!

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