Want to know the surprising solution to bed wetting?

New research shows that constipation can cause bed wetting. I know, I bet you’re probably thinking – if only I knew this years ago, I could have saved the many hours of stripping my child’s bed sheets, washing, drying, and remaking the bed! But for those parents experiencing the bed wetting stage, this one is for you. The study shows how several hundred children took part in a study, which involved screening for constipation. When the children were treated for constipation with a series of enemas, not only their bed wetting and soiling disappeared but they had a long-term success rate of 80-95%. If you have a bed-wetter in the family, maybe looking at their toilet routine could be beneficial to both you and your child – to relieve the stress and embarrassment for them, while allowing you to get a couple more hours of sleep. Read the full story here https://www.totstoteens.co.nz/toilet-training/uh-oh-wet-bed/

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