I’m the mother of a child who won’t stop hitting other kids, help!

All children have a different temper and tolerance, it is just about learning to control these outbursts and, prevent this from happening again.

  1. This is not tolerable – Make sure your child understands violence is never the answer. By telling them, this they know that this is not acceptable behavior.
  2. When will it happen – Learning your child’s behaviour is crucial. Knowing when your child will use violence is a big part of the teaching process. Try to remove your child from the situation before this happens and talk to them calmly.
  3. Set up systems – Guidelines are set in place for the child to know what is acceptable and what is not. Rules should be set in place for a child susceptible to using violence.
  4. Punishment – If the violent behaviour continues, discipline should be enforced. Time out is a good idea, this is when the child can reflect on their behaviour. After this time alone, you should talk through the incident with your child and enforce that this is not the way to treat people
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