Clothing / Fashion

Mary’s Market

Mary’s Market began in 2006 and has grown in popularity due to great brands offering seconds, samples and end of lines directly to the customer.
Phone Number: 09 815 9554

Pitter Patter

Pitter Patters are the perfect choice for tiny feet. Made from the finest soft natural leather, with non slip soles, and provide great flexibility. Pitter Patters are available in many colours and styles
Phone Number: 09 625 2291

Little Red Fish

At Little Red Fish we excel in designing the finest quality, classically styled children's swimwear. Our focus on sun safety ensures every garment offers the best possible sun protection, with our fabrics independently tested and rated UPF50+ Our fabrics are yarned dyed, so they won’t fade. All of our swimwear is designed and carefully constructed in New Zealand. Available online at