5 tricks to help anxious children

When your kids get anxious or unsettled about life and everything starts fall apart, these little tricks can help them chillax and clear their head a little.


1. Blow Bubbles

Blow bubbles of any kind, whether it be bubble mix, chewing gum or even pretend bubbles.


2. Fidget Spinners

A fidget cube or spinner can be really helpful to provide that little bit of distraction or extra activity for a kinaesthetic learner to stay focussed. If you don’t have either of these, try a little Lego man that they can absentmindedly (and discreetly if needs be) roll around their fingers and pull apart and put back together.

3. Swiss Ball 

Sit on a Swiss Ball. This requires them to use their core to stay still or allows them to bounce and move a little. 


4. The Poo Scale

If they have a particular worry, get them to do the ‘perspective poos' test. Ask where on the poo scale their problem is: Elephant poo or Mouse poo. Get ingenious and create a scale of different poo sizes in between. Kids of course will find this hilarious, and will be quite happy to rank their problem. 


5. Chew, chew, chew! 

Get them chewing, as this is known de-stressor. Chewing gum and apples make good healthy options (although the odd fruitburst lolly won’t hurt them and they are seriously chewy!)

By Olivia Stanley
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