Sponge water bombs 

Sponge water bombs are a great alternative to water balloons because they’re reusable and won’t leave messy balloon pieces all over your home. These are easy to make with little hands and an inexpensive summer activity.

You will need (per bomb)

3 Kitchen Sponges





How to

  1. Using the ruler, mark 3cm widths to make your sponge strips.
  2. Cut up your sponges.
  3. Stack your sponge strips three high and three wide (making sure to mix the colours for multi-coloured bombs).
  4. Wrap your string around the middle of your sponge stack, making sure it’s as centred as possible.
  5. Tie your string into a very tight knot, you may want to double or triple knot for extra security.
  6. Move the sponge strips around so they look more like a pompom.
  7. Cut off the ends of the string. These bombs are now ready for fun water play!
By Makayla Vercoe
Images: Pinterest
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